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Valentine Pillow Case Tutorial

As promised,  I’m back to attempt to show and tell you how to make a pillow case.  Attempt being a very important word here.  I am by no means a seamstress.  I can make curtains and sew some craft items but I do not pretend to be able to sew.  So let’s just say this post is for all you no sewers out there.

I purchased 1 meter of each fabric but I think the next time I would get a little extra like 1 1/2 meters.


I then used a pillow case to measure out the size adding approximately 1″ for each of the open sides and 2 1/2″ for the top.  My open sides were one side and the bottom.


I allowed for a 2 1/2″ top,  2″ for the top and there is about 1/2″ folded under that, ironed down and then sewn, you can see that with the white stitching, this is so that it does not fray in the wash.  You can make a larger fold over at the top if you wish, it’s all preference.

I then sew my top portion first.


A note, if you have a surger… probably don’t need my tutorial HA)  you wouldn’t have to leave as much as the 1″ you can leave about 1/2″ and then surge all along to keep the ends from fraying.  If you don’t have a surfer I would leave the 1″ that allows you to fold over to 1/2″ and sew down along this line, that is after you press it all so that it stays folded.

On the top of my pillow cases I wanted to add a little extra.  Well actually I didn’t but I came across these beautiful little ribbons, 10 for $1 so that is what decided for me to add the ribbon.


When choosing your thread it’s best to lay a few across the item you are going to sew and pick one that seems to disappear in the fabric.  You would be surprised that it’s not always the lighter one.


I recently picked up this bag of thread at an estate sale, thinking what in the world am I going to do with all this thread, I don’t even sew!  but I tell ya, I have had the sewing machine out a few times and didn’t have to worry about whether or not I had a colour, I think I have just about every one here.  So I am very happy with my thread purchase.



When you get to the thicker ends it’s best if you turn the wheel by hand, with my machine anyway.  Maybe if I used a bigger needle it would have gone better, but turning it a bit by hand was fine.  You can see below that my tops don’t come together perfectly, but when it’s put on your pillow and you are dreaming of love, it really doesn’t matter.


Hope my first tutorial wasn’t too difficult to understand, I will get better……I think!   Tomorrow I will be back with the recipe to make the heart cookies.

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” Be Mine” “Hug Me” and “Forever”

On Valentines day if I am buying a gift for someone special it has to be Valentine related.  I just can’t buy some random gift.  It has to fall into one of the following categories; it has to be red or pink,  chocolate or flowers, if it’s a book, it has to be about love or Valentine Princesses and if it’s clothes it has to be red or pink or just be Valentine related.  You get my point…..maybe.

It can’t just be some random gift that you would buy say for a birthday.  That’s just my thing.  So putting together the girls gifts for Valentines this year I decided to make them pillow cases.

I only had two choices at the fabric store, the sweet hearts pattern with the cute sayings on them like  “Be Mine”  “Hug Me” and “Forever

Bonus for me was, one included the colour pink and the other orange.  Each of them their favourite colour.

IMG_1352 IMG_1354

Also included were these lovely homemade cookies with seedless strawberry jam.   Today we visited them for a little tea party and I gave them their Valentine bag early.  I had included  a book each about Valentines and wanted them to enjoy it leading up to the special day.  It also included some chocolates and some tissues with pink hearts.

Tomorrow I will post a little tutorial on how to make a pillow case.  It’s pretty easy actually and the little ones will just love them.

IMG_1423 IMG_1421