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Meeting Annie Sloan


When you have an opportunity to meet someone or go somewhere special do you do it or just say na?  I usually say na especially if it’s going to be a small venue like a book signing or a meet and greet.  I just figure there is going to be so many people and how close am I going to get to that person anyway, will I actually get to say hello…blah blah blah..

Well in October I had an opportunity to meet Annie Sloan in Montreal at the opening of a new store, Piorra Maison.  However my partner in crafts and painting was not able to go with me.  This was one of those times that I would have said forget it.  I would have gone myself if she was coming to Ottawa but there was no way I was driving myself to Montreal!!!!  I thought about it for a few days and then thought why should I miss it, get out of your comfort zone and go!  So I called my husband and asked him if he would drive me there and find something to do for two hours.  He said yes.  So I was doing it,  I wasn’t sure how many other opportunities I would have had to meet her and she was coming so close home.

As time got closer plans changed for my girlfriend and we were now able to go together.  I was pretty excited.  Let’s face it who was I going to oh and ah with if she wasn’t there.  She meet me at my work and we took my car….I drove…yikes!  The drive there was great, it was the drive back that was a little nervy but a little more on that later.


We arrived in Montreal around 4 o’clock had a bite to eat and at 5:30 the doors to the open house opened.  The place was beautifully set up and decorated with many chalk painted pieces of furniture of course and different gift items.  One of the first pieces that caught my eye was this beautiful dresser.


Look at the details that popped so nicely with the stressing and I love the colour.


We headed to the back of the store where she had a display of painted pears done in Annie Sloan’s colours.  It was so dramatic on the black wall.


…and this beautiful display of appetizers with some great ideas for presentation using old wood windows.




here are a few different vignettes with everything displayed so beautifully.



oops, yes and there was wine.


loved these nesting tables and this table and tub chair done in Emperors Red.  This colour looks so good with the dark wax! Love it.



Seriously, this sofa is painted with chalk paint and she says it will hold up for many years.


and finally she arrived.  There was no screaming or pushing, you just turned around and there she was chatting with people and there was lots of picture-taking.


she then did a demonstration and answered a lot of questions.  She was personable and funny, telling us to paint everything in the house while our husbands were out!


There you go.  (as my girlfriend would say)  We left the boutique around 8 and headed back to Ottawa.  I got Pat to get out the GPS to help guide us back to the highway, even though she said she knew the way, it’s always nice to have back up ready. ( I think) As we were driving on the commuter lane she’s telling me  “you’re doing fine, you’re doing fine,   she could tell I was a little nervous.  I then realize I have to get over and as I do a quick shoulder check all I see is a speed way of cars and an 18 wheeler.  Everyone is going 110 kms at least and there is NO room for me to get in but my girlfriend isn’t saying anything except “you’re doing fine, just keep going”  and I’m like yelling “do I not have to get over“? and she sort of says yes but then continues to say  “you’re doing fine,  just keep going”  and the next thing I realize is I’m veering off to the right and I’m pretty sure I should have merged left.  So now I’m pointing to the GPS asking her if it is saying, re-planing route but she is not really answering me until we get to the light and I ask her again…”Was I not suppose to merge back there“? and she said “yes, but you were so nervous I didn’t want to say anything” so she just kept me going on the same road to get off and go all the way around in a big loop to attempt to get on again.  Thankfully it was at a different spot and the  merge went smoothly. What a GREAT friend!


4 thoughts on “Meeting Annie Sloan

  1. I heard from Pat about your wonderful day. Even though I am not that crafty, I would have loved to join you. After seeing your and her pictures, I am looking at all that furniture inthe basement with a new eye. Who knows, I may get hooked yet

  2. It was a great day and wonderful to be in the company of women who love the beauty and easy to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Furthermore Angela, it has not been that long since you got your driver’s license and I was certainly impressed with your driving skills in Montreal….I don’t think there is a time I have traveled in that city that I haven’t taken a wrong turn. Montreal is not that easy a city to get around by car. And Judie, I am sure Angela is as excited as I to get those pieces out of your basement and give them whole new look !!!! Did you see a colour you liked?

  3. You need to become Annie Sloan’s official photographer. Your photos are beautiful as usual. So nice that you were able to spend time with her.
    As for driving through Montreal – I applaud you for tackling it. Even the most experienced drivers find it stressful.

  4. Angela, I would never, and I mean never, have gotten up the nerve to drive to Montreal. Bravo! And your pics are very nice.

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