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Hanging of the ice wreathes


Well I’m back with the pictures.  They are not the best, daylight was leaving quicker than I thought, but here they are.




I had such a different picture in my head of what these would look like with the sun shining through.  Oh well, if they are still up on the weekend I’ll try taking some more pictures and we’ll see what they look like.

I see a photography course in my near future. ha


Something similar I made that I wanted to share with you.  I made these a few years ago to place outside the door with a candle in the centre.  With these I used a bucket, filling it with a little water, then add a smaller item filling it with rocks that are heavy enough to keep that item from floating.  I then added the berries and greenery.  I left the buckets outside over night.  The next day I brought them in the house ran a bit of hot water over it until it releases and out they pop.  Place outside with a candle and you can light up your walkway for Christmas.




2 thoughts on “Hanging of the ice wreathes

  1. Very nice, but I am sure they look better with the sun shining through them . I hear you ae in for a big snow so hope you get some sun by the weekend

  2. After looking at the photos I am in AWE!!! How pleasant it must be for you to look outside in the cold winter weather and see such colour when the sun shines through them among all the white.

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