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Ice wreathes


I love the way these ice wreathes catch the ray of the sun making them sparkle.  With the days getting longer  I thought I could make a couple and still get to enjoy them each night out my two kitchen windows.  The next time my two little angels are here for a sleepover we will have to make a couple more.  Besides waiting for them to freeze, twice,  they are super easy and great fun for the kids.

First I started with two bundt pans filing them with water about 1/3 of the way.  I then placed them outside.  It was super cold and probably would be for the week.  I really wanted to pick up some frozen cranberries.  Well the week past, the days got warm and I kept forgetting to get my cranberries.


Today I am finishing them no-matter-what even if my frozen wreaths are melting by the minute. I cut a few pieces from my Christmas wreath, yes it’s still looks great!



I then cut up a couple of lemons I had.  I love the look of lemons, so bright and cheery.


I then added a few blueberries.


Then someone else got involved and added some cranberries and some cherries!  Top up with some more water.  With mine melting my ice gave a way and started floating to the top, I hope they turn out and look as pretty as they do now.   With the warm day they went into the freezer this time.

You’ll have to come back to see what they look like hung up outside.  Do you make any ice wreathes?  I would love to see them.

IMG_0826 IMG_0827


5 thoughts on “Ice wreathes

  1. Neat – even with the momentary cold snap we had earlier this week, they are out of the question for AZ but love to see them from afar.

  2. Gorgeous! Where will you hang them? I should really make these with the girls before the winter ends… did you grease the dish first?

    • I have two kitchen windows. I will hang them so that I can see one looking out of each window. I did not grease the pan but a little hot water running over the bottom of the pans and they will slide right out.

  3. Beautiful ..what a great idea….and the colourful fruit you used, I would never have thought blueberries but they look great with the lemons……I can’t wait to see how and where you hang them. I would imagine as they thaw the birds would take an interest!!!!!!

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