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Joy from Pinterest


An item I posted to my Christmas Pinterest board last year was this Joy sign.  As soon as I figure out how to do links I’ll add one to this picture.


I knew from the moment I saw it I was making it for my girlfriend Pat.  It would suite her place perfectly.   In the summer I picked up two perfect pieces of wood from Habitat for Humanity.  I don’t have step by step pictures but I will be able to explain it fairly well.

First let me just say “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”  I love all things rustic!  This helps a lot when creating. But I’ve always been this way as far as I can remember.

The first thing I did was sand the board.  It had a lot of ruffness to it and I didn’t want to sand it all out but enough to take out the chance of any splinters.  Next I added the stain, a good coat all over the board on both sides.  I let that dry and then painted it with my craft paints in Buttermilk.  Probably a good two coats.  Then I took the sander to it and removed the paint from the areas that I wanted the stain to show through.  After this step you will find that a lot of your stain comes off with sanding so I just add a bit more not worrying about touching the paint, when it does that it just makes the paint look older adding more character.  Then I hand draw, with a pencil, the word Joy.  Now this is where if you did like things to be perfect you would probably get out the ruler and measure out the size you wanted each letter to be, the distance  apart, the size of your board etc…and maybe this is why I like things rustic, I can’t be bothered with all of that.  I gave the word Joy 3 coats of Barn Red, it’s a colour I use often.

Sometimes on other signs I will then sand the words a little but this sign I new would be on a porch and would need to be seen from a distance so sanding the letters would not be a good idea.  I added a little extra touch to this one, the holly at the top.  Finishing it off with a good coat of wax to give it a little lustre.   She loved it and here it is on her porch.



11 thoughts on “Joy from Pinterest

  1. That is really lovely! I find it so easy to see lovely things on Pinterest, then never actually do anything about it. I’m so impressed you were able to recreate it so well – it’s a beautiful addition to any front porch.

  2. I love this! The one you made is even more charming than the model, and looks perfectly at home in its rustic setting on the porch…great way to welcome friends at the Christmas season! Lucky friend indeed!

  3. You did a beautiful job, as usual, Angie.

  4. Angela The door sign looks great. I admire your craftiness and your industry. You are always coming up with someting new and interesting. Any time you want to begin decorating my house, feel free.

  5. Your JOY sign is absolutely Christmas-on-a-porch! It couldn’t be more perfect and I think will be a wonderful inspiration to anybody interested in escaping the inflatable Santa world for a more natural decor. Your instructions make it sound as though anybody could do it — I doubt it BUT it does sound like it’s easily done. Thanks for your blog, keep up with the non-resolution to do more and we will all look forward to more postings in the New Year 🙂


  6. Angela – you truly have a gift. I’ve admired your work since I first saw it at Pat’s. The sign is perfect for her front porch. I’m even more impressed with your photography. Your photos are something special. Keep them coming!

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