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Joy from Pinterest

An item I posted to my Christmas Pinterest board last year was this Joy sign.  As soon as I figure out how to do links I’ll add one to this picture.


I knew from the moment I saw it I was making it for my girlfriend Pat.  It would suite her place perfectly.   In the summer I picked up two perfect pieces of wood from Habitat for Humanity.  I don’t have step by step pictures but I will be able to explain it fairly well.

First let me just say “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”  I love all things rustic!  This helps a lot when creating. But I’ve always been this way as far as I can remember.

The first thing I did was sand the board.  It had a lot of ruffness to it and I didn’t want to sand it all out but enough to take out the chance of any splinters.  Next I added the stain, a good coat all over the board on both sides.  I let that dry and then painted it with my craft paints in Buttermilk.  Probably a good two coats.  Then I took the sander to it and removed the paint from the areas that I wanted the stain to show through.  After this step you will find that a lot of your stain comes off with sanding so I just add a bit more not worrying about touching the paint, when it does that it just makes the paint look older adding more character.  Then I hand draw, with a pencil, the word Joy.  Now this is where if you did like things to be perfect you would probably get out the ruler and measure out the size you wanted each letter to be, the distance  apart, the size of your board etc…and maybe this is why I like things rustic, I can’t be bothered with all of that.  I gave the word Joy 3 coats of Barn Red, it’s a colour I use often.

Sometimes on other signs I will then sand the words a little but this sign I new would be on a porch and would need to be seen from a distance so sanding the letters would not be a good idea.  I added a little extra touch to this one, the holly at the top.  Finishing it off with a good coat of wax to give it a little lustre.   She loved it and here it is on her porch.




Confession from a not so blogger

I came to my blog tonight with a confession of why I don’t blog.  I thought I would sit down and tell all of what keeps me from coming here every day or so, to write about “stuff”.

Oh I had high hopes, to blog like the best of them do. haha    To post my mantels and crafts and all my DIY’s.  Truth is once I sat down, the reason why I thought I didn’t blog isn’t really the reason at all.  I thought it was because I just had too many other things that I was doing, one of the big things was reading other peoples blogs!  I follow several everyday.  I’m also totally addicted to Pinterest, giving me cheap eye candy I can spend hours just scanning through new ideas for crafts.  I also have a full time job.  I know,  several of you out there do and 2 or 3 children.  You are like Santa’s elves staying up all night creating the things you do and then writing about them and I thank you for that.

As I was saying, I sat down here tonight to write of a post of why and I decided to change my picture from the pumpkins to something more Christmas related and then I was going to show you the wreath I made.  After a gruelling half hour of trying to figure out how to delete the photo to then add another and just wanting to give up on the whole thing truth be known…… this is why I don’t blog!  everything takes soooooo long for me to figure out!!

Seriously if I could just sit down and type up a quick post and then quickly add a few pictures it would be great.   (This picture was probably taken by my step daughter or her husband).


I took a course and Lynn, incase you are still coming to my blog to see if I have posted anything new, it was a good one.  I guess I just need more practice.

So I have made a commitment to myself, (not a New Years Resolution) that I will try much harder than I have in the past to post a little lot more than I have.  If I don’t invest anytime in learning “how to” I can’t really complain.

I have to give it an honest try….at least.