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Finally a new post…..about Blocks?!

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OK so keeping up with a Blog is not that easy.  I don’t mean to complain but it’s a lot of pressure.  I haven’t posted anything in days.  I have several things on the go but I can’t seem to get anything finished in order to take pictures and then write something about it that’s half decent.  I was determined I had to find something to write about.  I had just finished making my blocks for Spring and Easter the other day when I realized….. I have blocks for other special days and so it was created….a new post…..finally!

One thing that is becoming part of my themed decorating is blocks.  They do take a while to make but when they are done I just love them.   One day I will post a “how to” tutorial.  But for now enjoy a few pics of the ones I have made so far.

I usually try to use both sides of the blocks if the phrase works out for both sayings.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year do not have the same amount of letters but I  added the exclamation marks to the end of Happy New Year which makes up for the last two letters in Merry Christmas.  
I actually made two sets of these blocks, adding the green to one set.

The set below I made for my girlfriend but a little bit larger.  She lives in a beautiful log home with vaulted ceilings.  I didn’t think the small set would make much of a statement.  She won’t be happy to see all those tools in my picture.  The wall has since been painted and a beautiful painting of a poppy is displayed there now.  Sorry Pat!

For Happy Halloween I had to get a little more creative with 3 extra blocks so again added the exclamation, a bat and a black cat.  I love my black cat!

Also my “Boo” usually sits in front of the tv but it wouldn’t have made the best picture.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter works out perfectly!

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