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Before I post any pictures of my home I thought I would fill you in on a few things first.  I rent our home.  It is an early 1930’s, 1 1/2 story, 4 bedroom, just on the outskirts of the city with about 1/4 an acre of land and I love it.

That being said there will be no posts of tearing down the walls, laying hardwood or ceramic tile.   No granite counter tops, new faucets or cupboards.

The washroom, well the toilet you can clearly see if you are sitting at the kitchen table!
A designer no no…I know.

The living room is 12 x 12 and the dinning room is 9 x 9 and there is no making either of them bigger.

It is however a warm cozy home that has a back porch/mudroom (which I love)  that enters into the large country kitchen.  One of my 4 bedrooms is on the main floor and that is the office, or should I say the drop off spot.  It is the room with the computer and the room that I craft in and is most of the time a mess.   I have considered moving it upstairs and bringing down a bedroom and for many reasons that would be a great idea. One being it would make a few great posts of before and afters and I can so see the office upstairs with the slanted ceilings…..dreaming.  However it is so nice to have the computer on the main floor. 

I have 3 decent size bedrooms upstairs with the slanted ceilings, my dream since I was a little girl.  None of them with closets. Not my dream since I was a little girl!

The basement….well lets just say there will never be a make over with pictures of that space.

So my point is, when you rent, your makeovers are limited to paint and decorating around the existing shell.    It is an old home with rustic baseboards and uneven walls with years of paint on them and I just have to work with what I got……I like what I have and have been working on making it a welcoming, relaxing, comfortable home.

These stories I will share with you.


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