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Tobogganing at Nana and Papa’s

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Who doesn’t like to go tobogganing, it’s walking up that hill that’s a killer,  but when the hill is only 3 feet it can’t be that bad.

I wasn’t sure it would be so much fun either.  How much fun could a 3 foot hill be.  Just look at our faces.

As you can see we didn’t have a proper toboggan but when you are little it really doesn’t matter and it didn’t to us.  It took us to the garage if we took a run for it and that was where the camera person stood.

This year Papa wanted to go bigger and better.  Oh if only we had a pick up truck with a shovel on the front,  we could plow the biggest hill possible in the yard…..the snow blower would have to do.

It went off the corner of the deck and out to the back yard about 40 feet.  Christmas eve we made a few test runs.  The pictures are not the best but you get the idea.

This year the youngest granddaughter (I’ll call her “Flounder”, affectionately nick named by her sister “Ariel”) we thought would be ready to roll,  with a little bit of convincing we managed one run.

But sometimes, just feeding the birds with Papa is what they like most.

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