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Estate Sales and anything vintage

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I love to shop Estate Sales.  Actually anything second hand.  Garage sales and antique shops.  I love vintage stuff.  It just has such character and history.  Among several other things I love old aprons, table cloths and collect vintage pillow cases.  I know it sounds strange.

I picked up a couple yesterday.  This boxed set never used nor open.  I especially like the embroidered ones like these beautiful yellow ones.  I had to have them.

I admit it took some getting use to,  to walk through someones home who may have past away, or moved into a seniors residence.  The family takes what it is that they want and then hire these people to have an estate sale.

We love and appreciate everything we buy and actually think about the history it has and who may have used it.  Several years ago I bought a square maple table with five leafs, this thing is huge and great for Christmas gatherings.  At this estate sale the children were selling the house contents.

They played cards at this table on the weekends and their dad didn’t like the fact that it didn’t pull tight together and the cards would flip in the middle when dealt so he pulled a bungee cord around the bottom of it to keep it tight together.  They said a lot of family stories were told at the table.  We said we would take good care of it.  It was banged up good with several scratches and big dents.
We never touched it.  I can come up the stairs and drop my laundry basket on it without worrying and I love that.

I always head for the kitchen first and my husband goes to the basement or the garage.  I love old dishes and am right now looking for a set of brown Staffordshire to use at Thanksgiving. 

We have bought many garden tools, lawn chairs, flower pots,  odd chairs ( I will feature them on a future post) lamps, small tables and several kitchen items.  I bought my first sewing machine at the same house I got my beautiful oak dining room set.  I would have never bought one new it would have cost thousands of dollars.  This set has since been pasted on to a new family.  I decided to change my style in the dinning room and the great thing was I didn’t pay a lot of money for it.  I was able to pass the savings on to someone else to enjoy and bought another second hand set.

Sometimes you buy things that you don’t really need but think are really neat.  Check out these hangers.  They fold!  I have never seen anything like them. I couldn’t pass them up.

One item I have been watching for is vintage Christmas decorations.  I really only wanted one box but the woman bundled them all together and gave me a great price for them.
Sometimes this could be a problem.

  Last was the scrabble game I have been watching for.  The letters make great craft items.

 Hope you enjoyed my vintage finds.


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