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Creating this blog has been everything but easy.

First off your name and every time you think you have thought of something creative someone else has thought of it first.  You think it’s going to be easy, you want a name that represents who you are, that’s catchy and looks good…and yet every single time you type in those perfect words, the system says taken but it suggests that you add your name to the end or the beginning.  No!  What was I thinking people have been blogging since 2007 thousands of them, how am I ever going to think up a name that has not been used!

Something that has meant a great deal to me has been becoming a Nana.  I have not had any children of my own but am the step mother (that sounds weird, not very often do I call myself that) to two girls one of which has two girls.  They call me Nana…. and it touches my heart every single time I hear them say it.  I truly love them with all-of-my-heart and I try to make every moment I share with them special.

I new this blog wasn’t going to only be about them although I will share the odd touching moment (with mom’s permission) but Nana is who I am now and well I love it and so I kept coming back to that name.  However…you guessed it, it was taken.  To get the ball rolling I chose something else and decided to use it as my secondary name.

Creating my layout and look…. now that is another story….and if I wanted this blog up now I better just choose something basic and tweak it as I go.


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